Extensions and Renovations of your home can be the perfect way to capitalize on the potential of your current home and land. The team at Residence has the knowledge and creative flare to turn your ideas into fruition.

Residence is a home extensions and home renovation builders in Adelaide.

Extending your home is both an exciting and daunting thing. That’s why it’s smart to engage a team of home extension and renovation specialists to carry out the work. Mistakes and poor DIY workmanship not only spoil the look of your new space, they can also cause major structural problems in the future which are costly to fix – both in time and money.

Furthermore, trying to cut costs to the point of losing quality of the project can leave your house renovation or extension in dire straights!

Enter, Residence Building.

Residence has more than 10 years experience as builders of home extensions and home renovations in Adelaide, we build your dream home WITH you.

Based in Prospect, Residence are able to service clients all around the city, from Stirling to Prospect, and beyond!

We thrive to provide an exceptional experience from start to finish. With a constant open communication line, regular engagements through the process and total transparency, our clients chose us as their dream home partners, not just their builders.

Homes extensions builders Residence Building, design and build uniquely designed living areas, aiming to add value and provide happier living for the whole family.


Let's work together!

118 Prospect Road, Prospect


0478 137 366

Email us directly to discuss your project, or complete the contact form below and we will be in touch the next business day. Our office is located in the co-working studio Little City in the heart of Prospect.